Dorothea Lange
"I suppose if one of my children were here discussing their relationship to me they would be able to think of things that were quite horrifying, dreadful, that I did, that I was…"

- Dorothea Lange from her oral history

DANIEL RHODES DIXON is the elder son of two icons of the American art world, photographer DOROTHEA LANGE (1895-1965) and painter of the Southwest MAYNARD DIXON (1875-1946).

As a child he came to recognize his parents' extraordinary gifts, but his view of them changed dramatically during the Depression. While Lange and Dixon were in the field creating some of the most indelible images of the 20th Century, Daniel and his younger brother John, beginning at the ages of seven and four, were 'farmed out' to a series of foster homes, never knowing when they might see their parents again.

Daniel became a troubled teenage rebel, stealing and selling his mother’s cameras and his father’s artwork, and living homeless on the streets of Oakland, California. Against all odds, he finally came to a Daniel Dixonsurprising reconciliation with his parents’ lives and legacies.

While telling the story of two of this country's most original and maverick artists from a uniquely personal perspective, CHILD OF GIANTS is also the story of a child who learns that his birthright comes with gifts and curses... the story of every child who must find his own path in life from under the shadow of formidable parents.

CHILD OF GIANTS features rare and never-before-seen photographs from the private collection of members of the Dixon-Lange family and from the Oakland Museum of California’s Dorothea Lange Archive.

CHILD OF GIANTS also includes candid commentary from many members of Dixon and Lange’s extended family, including screenwriter Leslie Dixon (MRS. DOUBTFIRE, HAIRSPRAY), as well as renowned Bay Area photographers Rondal Partridge and Christina Gardner, both of whom recount tales of being in the field with Dorothea Lange during some of her most significant assignments.