From LetsTalk2e! – Oct 17, 2017

Julie interviews Hollywood producer, Tom Ropelewski at the 2e Symposium 2017!

An interview with Director Tom Ropelewski.

“2e: Twice Exceptional” – The Movie?

An Interview with Director Tom Ropelewski from The 2e Newsletter – Jan. 2015. Read Here.

From Video Librarian – July 14, 2015

2e: Twice Exceptional – THREE STARS (RECOMMENDED)

(2015) 54 min.

DVD: $29.95: individuals; $150: public libraries; $300: colleges & universities. Thomas Ropelewski ( Closed captioned. ISBN: 978-0-692-36834-3.

The high school students featured in Thomas Ropelewski’s documentary 2e: Twice Exceptional all display special talents or abilities combined with a learning disability or other difference. These kids have learned to thrive while attending the Bridges Academy in Studio City, CA, where many teachers share similar traits, which makes the staff especially sympathetic. Some students have trouble focusing on tasks that don’t interest them, but will hyper-focus on those that do. Harry’s parents praise his ability to learn, but note that he has social challenges due to Tourette’s, which causes him to make involuntary noises. His mother admires his bravery, because he would rather risk odd stares during an episode than hide from the world. Daniel’s mother describes the fears of death that overwhelmed him as a child, although she had no doubts about his intelligence (Daniel attributes some of that fear to the fact that his grandfather is a Holocaust survivor). Jack recalls that he was loud and hyperactive when he first came to Bridges. Jack has had to work to control his volume and keep still, especially since going off medication that had too many side effects. Sydney, one of the few girls in the film (these types of learning disabilities tend to affect boys in greater proportion than girls), is a visual thinker who has problems with written communication, so the school allows her to complete assignments through drawing. Instead of trying to fit square pegs into round holes, Bridges nurtures students’ strengths. That takeaway lesson could (and should) apply equally well to non-specialized schools. Extras include deleted scenes and a viewer’s guide. Recommended. Aud: C, P.
(K. Fennessy)